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Prosecutorial Experience



DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office



  Felony/Major Crimes Attorney



Secretary of State Special Prosecutor



      Township Attorney




Clay Campbell


DeKalb County

State’s Attorney's Office















Richard Amato


DeKalb County

State’s Attorney’s Office Traffic/Misdemeanor Attorney










I proudly received 6 major awards and dozens of letters of commendation during my time as a prosecutor. I was honored to be recognized by my supervisors, peers, law enforcement agencies and victims of the crimes I prosecuted.

professional Experience



Lawyer for 31 years



Clay Campbell


Lawyer for 24 years




Richard Amato


Lawyer for 12 years




I am proud that I have received yearly recognition for the last 25 years for my pro bono service to those in our county who are less fortunate and/or victims of domestic/sexual abuse, taking referrals from shelters, churches, and other civic and not-for-profit organizations. Without seeking further reward or recognition, I have also provided pro bono or reduced rate services to police officers, firefighters, paramedics, veterans and their families. Contributing to repaying our debt for their service has been reward enough.

Public Service in DeKalb County



25 years Pro Bono/reduced rate for domestic

violence, sexual abuse victims, veterans, police officers and firefighters. Organized and

participated in several not for profits. Lead local and

conference church boards.



Clay Campbell


No public service listed



Richard Amato


No public service listed



Beyond my donated legal services, I have been a leader and personally active in numerous religious, civic, service, youth and not for profit organizations in DeKalb County for over 25 years.

Years in DeKalb County



26 Years

Clay Campbell


24 Years



Richard Amato


10 years



DeKalb County Republican:



First Elected Republican Committeeman in DeKalb County in 1990s


 Voted Republican every primary

Clay Campbell


Not a DeKalb County Republican Party Member

Richard Amato


Voted as a Democrat in

4 primaries since 2007

(including 2008 and 2012)





In the areas Mr. Amato sets as “goals” he hopes to achieve, I have a proven track record of award-winning accomplishment.  Mr. Amato has listed as his “goals” what are the basic requirements of the job of a criminal prosecutor.  Mr. Amato appears to ignore the fact that a State’s Attorney also has civil duties representing the county departments and countywide elected officials.  I also have that experience in both the civil division of the State’s Attorney’s Office and as a Township Attorney.  Mr. Amato’s published prosecutorial experience of 2 years as a part time law clerk and 1 year as a traffic/misdemeanor attorney shows no experience in this half of the State’s Attorney’s job description.

CHARLES R. REA's response



I already have experience prosecuting the most serious cases, having personally prosecuted gang crimes, organized crimes, drug trafficking and violent crimes (up to homicide) during assignment to the major crimes unit in the second largest state’s attorney’s office in Illinois for 4 years.  As State’s Attorney I will have enough energy and attention to focus on all of the duties of the office.



The easiest way to stop delays is to understand your case and make a reasonable offer for settlement, if refused be ready to go to trial and make sure the defense knows you’re ready.  As a prosecutor I consistently was among the office leaders in jury and bench trials each year, and won the award for the most felony jury trials in 1987.



While in the State’s Attorney’s Office I was the liaison to MADD and AAIM and was part of the team that pioneered the acclaimed children’s center in DuPage County and the first full-time victim/witness advocate in Illinois.  Since leaving the State’s Attorney’s Office I have spent over a quarter of a century representing the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse on a pro bono basis.  As a victim of a crime, and a family member of a murder victim, I have first-hand knowledge of the needs of victims and their families, and how they can be revictimized when these are not properly addressed.



While in the State’s Attorney’s Office I participated in and lead numerous investigations involving teams of local, state and federal law enforcement officers.  This often required cooperating with state and federal prosecutors in successful multi-jurisdictional prosecutions involving street gangs, organized crime and international drug trafficking.  Most of those prosecuted received lengthy prison sentences and if applicable deportation.








Richard Amato's

4 "goals" (as listed on his campaign website)



“Focus energy and attention on the most serious cases.”






“Stop delays that result in cases being unresolved for years.”






“Serving the needs of the victims of crimes.”










“Effectively team with local and regional law enforcement to promote a seamless prosecution of all criminal matters.”


CHARLES R. REA's response




It is alarming that Mr. Campbell’s “highest priority” is something he cannot do.  The State’s Attorney has no funding authority for mental health.  However, as the state began defunding mental health treatment, I joined with private mental health professionals over 10 years ago in setting up a not-for-profit to provide mental health and concurrent legal services to those who were slipping through the cracks.  The services are provided pro bono or reduced fee basis, based on a sliding scale.  Under my publicly stated policy of justice for all on a case by case basis, the mental health of both the alleged perpetrator and victim of a crime could be relevant in each particular case.



The drug problem in DeKalb County is multifaceted.  The issues in the northern part of the county are different that those in the southern part.  In Sycamore they are different than in DeKalb, in the city or on campus.  I have a lot of experience in the investigation and prosecution of narcotics crimes.  I was assigned to an award winning drug task force for over 4 years.  The prior task force from 25 years ago was set up in cooperation with 2 other counties. Any new task force would need to be set up with the cooperation and participation of the law enforcement agencies serving DeKalb County.  I have stated I will have specialized training and emphasis for individual assistant state’s attorneys in 6 specific areas, including narcotics enforcement.  My assistants will be the best trained and prepared for this task whether there is a new task force or not.  This training will not be limited to heroin/opiate crimes.



In the past, including under Mr. Campbell, the State’s Attorney’s Office in DeKalb County was less successful in child support enforcement than some of the adjoining counties.  That role has now been taken over by the Attorney General’s Office who would have to be convinced to give it back.  I will seek to reinstitute a local support enforcement unit only if it can be justified based upon its ability to succeed while being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of DeKalb County.  I started my courtroom prosecution experience as an assistant handling a child support enforcement call, and as a family law practitioner I also have extensive experience in this area for over 26 additional years.



Mr. Campbell is short on specifics with this “priority”, and does not point to anything he did in this area while in office for 2 years.  I have publically stated that I will have specialized training in 6 specific areas for my assistants.  One of these areas is cyber crime.  I will constantly look to upgrade new technological devices/advance to make sure we perform our duty as professionally as possible, using local businesses while taking into consideration the fiscal responsibilities I will have to the citizens of DeKalb County.



I will not set up any hotline for this self-serving “priority”.  However, I personally will be available for all citizens to contact and will preserve the confidentiality necessary to properly investigate and successfully prosecute all well-founded claims of public corruption.  I will take this a step further and pledge complete and transparent cooperation with any investigations brought by other state and/or federal agencies.



All unsolved serious crimes will receive a fresh review by me personally. I and at least one other senior assistant will also review the prior investigative efforts of the same. Mr. Campbell should receive all due credit for his past efforts in this regard.  My uncle was murdered by a criminal who was on parole.  I am personally aware of the importance of communication by the state’s attorney’s office to surviving family members of the ongoing case status and planned future strategies to bring murderers to justice. Once these cases are successfully prosecuted, the State’s Attorney must vigorously defend the conviction in any appellate or post-conviction proceedings.



I have publicly stated that I will institute a program of pretrial diversion for eligible first time non-violent felons, and minor drug offenders.  This program will be maintained and monitored by the State’s Attorney’s Office with savings to the public through user fees, public service hours to approved agencies and reduced courtroom case loads and court dates.  Upon successful completion of the program, charges will be dismissed allowing the offenders the chance to be productive citizens.




Clay Campbell’s “Priorities”



“Make the funding of mental health treatment the highest priority to reduce criminal recidivism and prevent the prosecution of the mentally ill.”









“Establish a new drug task force to combat the heroin/opiate epidemic that is sweeping our nation.”













“Reinstitute a local child support enforcement unit to collect child support and prosecute deadbeat parents.”









“Utilize technology to decrease incarceration rates, monitor drug offenders and apprehend internet sexual predators and traffickers of child pornography.”






“Establish a public corruption hotline to allow private citizens to anonymously report corruption.”






“Create a cold case unit to review all unsolved murders.”











“Implement a process to allow citizens, particularly young offenders, to clean up their records to prevent unnecessary impediments to employment.”



(as listed on his campaign website)

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